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What is it MRIJA ?

To better understand what MRIJA is, we'll briefly explain how it works.

MRIJA is no ordinary employment agency. The company has many years of experience, modern structure and non-standard approach. Thanks to this, we provide the highest level of comprehensive services, related to the increase in the company's personnel resources.

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How does it work ?

From the beginning MRIJA helps you get the necessary documents for your arrival, offers many different vacancies and advises on all issues of stay and work in Poland

What is required of you?

To cross the border, you need to have:

  • Foreign passport or valid visa
  • Medical contract insurance for the entire duration of your stay
  • Invitation from Polish employer
  • Money for the first time is about 600 Polish zlotys

How do we help?

Employment services are free for our candidates, a full package of documents for legal work is provided. Accommodation is provided. We help you open a bank account to receive your salary. Guaranteed timely payment and comfortable working conditions.

At all stages of their stay in Poland, the employee must full support for legalization and all the necessary information.

  • Preparing the full package documents for arrival
  • We provide housing and stable work
  • Preparing documents for legal stay in Poland
Do I need to know polish to work in Poland?

You can work in Poland without knowing the Polish language. Although the desire employers will only welcome learning Polish.

What is the salary in Poland?

At least 2,800 zlotys gross-this is the minimum amount in 2021 salary in Poland.

What is the advantage of working in Poland?

• Excellent transport links to Poland
• The level of social protection in Poland is one of the highest in the EU
• Beautiful highways
• Similarity of Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages
• High salary
• Easy way to get a work visa
• Interest of Polish employers in our employees

What are your employment options?

• Employment under the visa-free regime
• Employment on a visa issued for six months 180/360
• Employment on a visa issued for a year 360/360

Any questions? Don't hesitate ;)

Our managers will answer all your questions about employment opportunities. The consultation usually takes no more than 10 minutes

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  • Popular ones
  • Handymen
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Welders
High rates, there are always vacancies
Easy to get a job, there are always vacancies
The stakes are high and there is a lot of work to do
Getting a job is easy, there is a lot of work to do

Start working with MRIJA

By choosing our agency, you get direct access to the Polish labor market. We guarantee good results attitude to clients, timely payments and professional approach to employment.

You can rely on us!

Employment features

Why is it profitable to work in Poland? What are the most popular jobs? What services do we provide?

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What documents do I need to work in Poland? What do I need to come to Poland?

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How do I choose a suitable job? What are the requirements, conditions, and work schedule?

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