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What is the difference between an "Employment Agency" and an "intermediary"?

The agency often calls itself intermediaries, they look for a vacancy, help with paperwork and take money from you. But when you come to Poland it turns out that


Minimum wage in Poland in 2021 - 2022

What is the minimum wage in Poland?

The difference between gross and net salaries, as well as a calculator to calculate your rate.


Official work in Poland

Every year more and more people decide to go to work abroad, for some this phrase arouses joy and a great desire to see the "Other World", and for others - fear, unknown, fear of being left without work.


What is a visa ‘corridor’ and how to calculate it?

There are often questions about the visa corridor and how to calculate it correctly. Let's try to understand this concept in order to avoid cases of illegal stay in Poland.

PESEL - what is it? What is it for and how can a foreigner get it?

PESEL is a national identification number used in Poland since 1979. It always consists of 11 digits, designates only one person and cannot be replaced by another.


What is PIT-11, PIT-37 in Poland. Let's calculate together.

Many have heard of the so-called PITs, but not everyone knows what to do with them and how to count them. Let's figure this out.


Which bank should you choose? How to open a bank account for a foreigner?

The oldest bank PKO remains the leader of the Polish financial system. It not only occupies the first lines in the ratings, but is also a state.


What you can't bring with you across the border of Poland

To cross the Polish border without hassle, you need to take care not only that all documents are in order. It is also necessary to understand what can and cannot be exported from Poland.


How to make an appointment with a Family Doctor in Poland ?!

Family doctor (lekarz rodzinny) is a doctor who treats common diseases that do not require specialist advice.

We advise you to choose a doctor immediately after arrival and fill out the necessary documents.