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What kind of firm are we ?

To better understand what is MRIJA, we'll briefly explain how this works.

MRIJA - not an ordinary employment agency. The company has many years of experience, a modern structure and a non-standard approach. Thanks to this, we provide the highest level of comprehensive services related to increasing the resources of the company's personnel.

MRIJA this is a brand that consists of a network of companies of the same name that provide services in various industries, such as: Production, Construction, Metalworking and other types of services.


MRIJA cooperates with several permanent contractors, so it has access to an unlimited number of experienced professionals needed to perform services.


MRIJA works closely with Euler Hermes and KRD and therefore occupies high positions in the rating of reliable companies and has the support of Polish banks.


MRIJA has signed contracts with more than 50 Polish manufacturing companies providing various services. The annual turnover of MRIJA is 60,000,000 zlotys.


Thanks to the cooperation structure built in this way, MRIJA is a reliable partner and guarantor of the fulfillment of its obligations to both its clients and contractors.


Today, the company MRIJA employs more than 1000 people, it employs citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries in Poland.

Direct employment

Due to the fact that our company has signed contracts with direct Polish employers, we hire employees directly in our company.

How do we work ?

Starting to work together with MRIJA ,
you go through several stages


Our specialists will advise you on all employment issues , legalization and stay in Poland

Arrival and work

Upon arrival you sign an employment contract and other necessary documents. You specify the conditions of Housing and start working

Salary and advances

In addition to a stable salary there is an opportunity to take advantage of advances from our company. We are loyal to our customers and are always ready to go to a meeting

Start working with MRIJA

By choosing our agency, you get direct access to the Polish labor market. We guarantee good results attitude to clients, timely payments and professional approach to employment.

You can rely on us!

Employment features

Why is it profitable to work in Poland? What are the most popular jobs? What services do we provide?

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Registration of documents

What documents do I need to work in Poland? What do I need to come to Poland?

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Selection of vacancies

How do I choose a suitable job? What are the requirements, conditions, and work schedule?

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Our services

How do we help our employees? How much do our services cost?

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Agency MRIJA

What is MRIJA? What do you need to know about an employment agency?

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Contacts for communication

How do I get a consultation? How do I contact the agency?

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