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for employment in Poland

Every year the Polish market attracts even more employees from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, And Moldova. Free vacancies in Poland attract not only handymen, but also qualified employees.

What is the advantage of working in Poland?

  • Excellent transport links to Poland
  • The level of social protection in Poland is one of the highest in the EU
  • Beautiful highways
  • Similarities between Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages
  • High wages
  • Easy way to get a work visa
  • Interest of Polish employers in our employees
Do I need to pay for our services?

Services MRIJA are completely free

Employment services are free of charge for our candidates.

  • Complete package of documents for legal work
  • Medical examination for admission to work
  • Housing in many cities of Poland
  • We help you open an account for receiving your salary
  • Timely payment and comfortable working conditions

Start working with MRIJA

By choosing our agency, you get direct access to the Polish labor market. We guarantee good results attitude to clients, timely payments and professional approach to employment.

You can rely on us!

Employment features

Why is it profitable to work in Poland? What are the most popular jobs? What services do we provide?

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Registration of documents

What documents do I need to work in Poland? What do I need to come to Poland?

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Selection of vacancies

How do I choose a suitable job? What are the requirements, conditions, and work schedule?

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Our services

How do we help our employees? How much do our services cost?

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Agency MRIJA

What is MRIJA? What do you need to know about an employment agency?

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